Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Rosary For Christendom

The Battle of Lepanto as well as the Battle of Vienna in 1683 are pivitol moments in the history of Western Civilization and Western Christianity. Students of history (as I am sure all of my readers are!) know these battles well, but while they may be in the past, the threats that faced the West then still face us today. We know of the murderous attacks in London, New York and Madrid and that groups like Al-Qaeda want us to bow in submission to Islam, or die, and they will use airplanes, IEDs and the mentally disabled strapped with suicide belts to kill us. But, in my opinion, the threats by groups like Hizbollah and al-Qaeda pale in comparison to the threat of the slow drip, dripping of growing militancy among second and third generation Muslims living in the West coupled with the dramatically low birth rates of Catholic and other Christian Westerners. As others have noted, it may be only a few decades before the great cathedrals of Europe see the Star and Crescent replace their Crosses. There is no massive fleet racing for the shores of Italy but the invasion has begun.

But it is not only militant Islam that seems to have us on the ropes. As in the years leading up to Lepanto when Christian powers like France, due to petty political and religious differences, failed to take action, thus actively leaving Europe and the faithful vulnerable, many here at home leave us vulnerable in the name of so-called multiculturalism and "tolerance". We face secularism, its "life-partner" relativism and an increasingly militant anti-Christian sentiment at home among non-believers and "progressives". The abomination of abortion slaughtering innocents, acceptance and active promotion of the LGBT and sometimes Q lifestyle and gay "marriage", and a growing number who live 'etsi Deus non daretur', it almost seems as if it will soon be a crime to have the faith , proclaim the Truth , or teach it to our children. although Socialism has been discredited around the world, some still haven't gotten the memo, and we are still living with its disastrous results.

Everywhere Christendom is under attack. But as Catholics we possess one of the most powerful weapons in the universe...The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have pledged that from now on every Wednesday my Rosary prayer will include an intention for the protection and defense of Christendom. It worked well enough for Pope Pius V, so it will work for us if enough of us still love and hold dear the Sacrifice of Christ and the words of the Blessed Mother.

I hope you will join me in this simple but powerful act. Out civilization and our Church and Faith depend on it. Remember, we are a Church Militant not a Church passive.

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