Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The "Me" Christianity

Two posts over at Closed Cafeteria exemplify the scourge of the Modern age. Its all about me and my needs” It is never about what Christ taught and said.

Senator Obama claims the Sermon on the Mount instead of the “obscure” Epistle to the Romans, is the reason for his support of same-sex “marriage.” He also claims his support of abortion does not make him less a Christian.

Also we hear about some long time dissenters who are setting up an “underground church” in response to the local bishop clamping down on their innovative “liturgy”

What do both of these “Christians” and “Catholics” have in common? The ever present “I”. Their ego, like Lucifer’s, keeps them from kneeling before the teaching of either Christ or those to whom He gave authority. Sen., Obama, for example, repeatedly uses the following phrases in his rationalization for his unchristian policies:

“In my mind, for my faith”
“my view”
“That's my view.”
“In terms of my faith”

Romano Guardini in his book ‘The End of the Modern World” states the following:

“With the new consciousness of self, however, which arose late in the e Middle
Ages and especially renaissance, man became important to himself. The “I”-
particularly the “I” of the extraordinary, of genius- became the measure by
which all human life was judged”
This has become even more so in contemporary times we are deluged with marketing and technology whose only purpose is to entertain us or validate us. That is neither the purpose of Christianity (as Sen. Obama seems to think) nor the Mass (as the “9 am” parishioners seem to want).

We need to pray for these folks that they see the fallacy of their ways and stop attempting to make Christ follow their ways but follow the path the “Light of the World” has illuminated.

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I totally agree, we definately need to pray for an end to this relativistic "philosiphy." Pope Benedict in his encyclical goes into the part of faith being more than personal...Maybe they should read this portion on Spe Salvi