Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love the sinner.

Did Jesus love to pal around with porn stars? According to this Protestant pastor he did.

"We are opponents on stage but off stage we are great friends. That's really what this is about. Jesus dined with tax collectors and befriended prostitutes. I don't want to be known as the guy who debates Ron[Jeremy], I'd rather be known as the guy who loves Ron."

Did Christ really "befriend" prostitutes and tax collectors? I think that's a stretch. It's true that, unlike the religious leaders of the time, He went to them and called them to come out of their sin. Only then did anyone, fisherman or adulterer, become His friend. Indeed, none of us become His friend until we leave sin behind. This is the personal witness that Christ set as an example for us but that does not allow us to tolerate boastful sin. He expected a change and they went away changed. I wonder if Mr. Gross has explained fully the grave danger that Ron Jeremy has placed his soul? Seems to me he is more interested in debating and putting on a show with Jeremy than a real conversion. But those are just my thoughts. What are yours?