Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Reason to Pray for Conversions

And you thought gay bishops and ordained women was as bad as it gets with the Episcopal church. Now they give you "gangsta baptisms"
"One son was blessed at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Morningside Heights four years ago during a quasi-religious ceremony. "It's like a christening," he said. "The priest holds the baby and we say our prayer at the same time. We have to have the window open and the baby pointed toward the sun."

The more I grow in understanding and embrace of my Catholic faith, the more clearly I see the return to paganism and the need for intense evangelizing. The culture of death has our society in...well... a death grip. With the collapse over the past 40 years of traditional morals, mores, and institutions, so much of our culture mirrors the pagans world that the Apostles and early Christians encountered in the Near East, North Africa, and especially Europe. Thus we must pray and evangelize stronger than ever before. Social scientists will see this child gangsta issue as one to be fixed with more government sponsored social programs and education. While those are in important, as with abortion, euthanasia and other sins and immorality, this won't be solved without the conversion of peoples hearts.

So grab your rosaries people and don't be afraid to talk about and live your Catholic faith!

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